Mi-no-Hi Festival

February 28th, 2009

North Park Lodge
Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands


This event is now over. The event staff and planners thank all attendees for their participation.


When the harsh Lady of winter, Yuki-Onna, lays her bleak mantle over the land, join Their Sylvan Majesties, Christopher and Morgen, as they celebrate Mi-no-Hi, the Japanese midwinter Festival of the Snake.

Come one, come all as the year and the fervor of warriors and artists are renewed in friendly competition. Fighters and fencers, bring your blades and purify them in the cold fire of battle and be rewarded with treasures from the Silk Road and beyond. Good gentles come display your talents in venues of costuming, bardic, and artistic contest. Indulge in the ceremony of tea and view Asian fashions on display. Bring the whole clan to rejoice in the warm heart of Aethelmearc's oriental splendor whilst winter spends her fury outside.

The Festival will be held February 28th, 2009 at North Park Lodge Facility, North Rd, Allison Park, PA in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands. The Site opens at 10:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm. Full schedule of events. The Site is damp and open flames are permitted. Directions to Festival.

  • Warriors, cry your death poem for entry, and prizes, to the Shieldless Tourney.
  • Muster your comrades in arms for the 3 man spear unit Tourney, with a Royal prize for the best unit heraldic device.
  • There can be only one, in the Cut to Kill Fencing Tourney.
  • Youth fighters demonstrate your prowess in a shieldless Tourney.
  • Artisans show your skill in the Arts and Sciences Competition with a concentration in Japanese calligraphy. More information on the A&S Competition.
  • Seamstresses, display your finest creations to Their Royal Majesties in the Silk Road Garb Show with a concentration in Japanese garb. More information on the garb show.
  • Bards bring your nimble wit 'n wiles to a Bardic Bear Pit, form to be announced in the morning, and theme to be chosen by Their Royal Majesties. More information on the bardic bear pit.
  • Marvel as I Genesii stomps the boards in a traditional Kyogen performance.
  • Learned Sensi and students, A&S classes await you.
  • Families, throughout the day there are activites for all ages.
  • A traditional Japanese Royal Court will be held. Please read these notes regarding court.

Fees are $7.00 per adult for the day, $8.00 additional for the feast. Children's discounts: Under 18 half price, 5 and under free.

The feast will be prepared by Mistress Aoibheil of DunHolen. More information on the feast.

Please make check or money order payable to "SCA, Inc. - BMDL". Reservations are taken by Hilda Hugelmann - Send to: Krista Cogan, 3815 Baytree St, Pittsburgh, PA 15214. Reservations must include payment. Include modern names of all people you are paying for with the reservation. Troll will close at 3pm. Any feast spaces paid for but not claimed by 3pm the day of the event will be sold to those on the waiting list. Please let the reservationist know ahead of time if you will be arriving after 3pm. Refunds requested before the day of the event will be honored. Refunds requested the day of the event or after will be considered but not guaranteed.

For this Day of festivities your Autocrat is Lord Ogami Arashimoto no Shirou, mentored by THL Allesandra d' Avignon ( kardasl{at}pitt.edu ). Please direct any questions to Lord Ogami Arashimoto no Shirou (shironokaminari{at}gmail.com). Please include "MinoHi" in the subject line.


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