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THL Solveig Throndardottir says: " The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery by Shuji Tamura ISBN: 9780873416276 However, it focuses on post 1600 innovations. As I recall, the book I have on Edo Period clothing fashion has a sketch of embroidery being performed using very long rectangular embroidery frames. There is some reason to believe that a relatively small number of repeating geometric patterns were around before 1600."

Master Bun 'ami says: "The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery by Shuji Tamura, the first part does talk about Heian Embroidery, how it evolved, then "went away" and was revived in Muromachi. 
Solvieg has a book on Noh that details the "giving" of fancy embroidered clothing by the Shogan to actors at the end of the play, which was used in further productions. That dates to the late 14th century."

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What did you do for your summer vacation? 

Visit the Photos page and see the antics of Japanese medieval enthusiasts away at the greatest summer camp of all, Pennsic*! *It's like 10,000 Wednesday Addamses at Camp Chippewa, but with less 1st degree burns.

<![CDATA[U Jelly Desu?]]>Mon, 18 Aug 2014 03:03:36 GMThttp://yamakaminari.com/home/u-jelly-desuSee something you liked at Pennsic this year? Well, don't just sit there... make it!  Visit the Make It page at yamakaminari.com to see what Kaminarians are up to. Learn how to make basic Japanese garments - including pants, tops, dresses, and over-layers - as well as headwear. If you're all in, check out how to make the yurts/gers you see all over Pennsic and those impressive sheet walls straight out of Kagemusha or Ran. As always, don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

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<![CDATA[Clan Dinner: Two Dumplings and a Big Surprise]]>Fri, 15 Aug 2014 05:13:01 GMThttp://yamakaminari.com/home/clan-dinner-two-dumplings-and-a-big-surprisePennsic 43 marked the 30th anniversary of Clan Yama Kaminari. Until this summer, the Clan has known only one leader, its founder, Sir Ogami Akira. 

Clan Dinner began normally as people jockeyed for position, lightheartedly stabbing each other with chopsticks. ("How many dumplngs do you get during firsts?" "One!") Many were thanked for their hard work in setting camp up and for the little things that make life in Kaminari so nice.

After everybody had seconds on dumplings, Sir Ogami asked Duchess Morgen to come up. As she knelt, he asked her, "What have you learned?" "Not enough", she replied. "Good". Smiling, Sir Ogami announced that he would step to the side and assume the title of O-Daimyo. He would remain the Sama and Morgen would be known as the Dono. Declaring Morgen the new Daimyo, he handed her a pair of solid steel balls - "You'll need these." - and told her to wear them in her belt until she couldn't feel them anymore. 

Sama called for the Bugyo and asked them to greet Morgen as Daimyo. The six counselors knelt and bowed. A great voice boomed out over the assembly: "I am Sir Haakon Oaktall, Jarl of House Highrafters. We are Viking and Vikings do not follow because we are told. We follow because we choose!" Turning to his gathered house, Sir Haakon challenged them, "House Highrafters! Do you choose to follow the Dono?" They responded thunderously, as though they'd won the lottery in mead.

From under the Clan Pavilion the chant rose, her name repeated softly, until a voice sounded "Dono!" above all the rest. Everyone joined in, so happy to have Morgen as our new leader.

Overcome with emotion, Morgen promised then she would do the best she could and try to make sure the Clan lasted for another thirty years.